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Welcome to Charlie Company

This web site is dedicated to the men of Charlie Company, 1/506th Infantry and attempts to lay out information that has been collected to date about their service and fighting during the Viet Nam War. Most of the material relates to the 1969-1970 time-frame although additional periods may be covered as information becomes available.

Much of the material here is factual. Facts are useful, yet they may be bland and unexciting. If nothing else, the Viet Nam experience was frequently adrenalin charged. Some days contained a mix of boredom and mind-numbing physicality while others held more excitement than most of us ever wanted. Camaraderie was almost always present.

Reading some of the personal commentaries and recollections on this site from the men who contributed their thoughts and feelings goes a long way to explaining what Viet Nam was like for many of us.

Those who have not done so are encouraged to provide their personal recollections to help fill out the story of Charlie Company and to lend their photos so they can be added to this site.

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